In the Heart of Me - A Poem

Collage_by_Shelley Sophia Crawford.JPG

In the Heart of me

by Shelley Sophia Crawford

A droplet in the ocean our endless collective sea.

Even if you don’t hear me, it doesn’t mean I don’t see.

A vision of remembering it’s burning to set us free.

A Lion in the Heart of me, it’s purring can’t you see. 

A fusion in the mystery awakens you and me.

Just standing Here, Now 
under this Ancient and Sacred Tree. 

A Rose in the center,

a riddle in the mind,

a path thru the forest that takes us out of time.

A river, a fountain and a breeze like a memory, that soothes away the centuries. 

Its in the silence we touch the living history.

Posted on April 26, 2019 and filed under Prose from me Muse.