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New Moon Depth and Winter Solstice Message 2017

At Solstice we sit in the dark and listen, we allow the long hours before the rebirth of the Suns return path to be a a gestation field for what is to come. In this internal space of in-between, we have time to create and dream and cultivate deeper insight, all tools needed as we progress on our life path, and cycle with nature through life.

Posted on December 17, 2017 and filed under Celtic Wheel and Healing, Vision of a Sacred Future.

Mature Masculine Consciousness

With clear intention he works to harmonize his energy with the women in his life in a protective, nourishing hologram that supports and upholds the sacredness of all life. Living in conscious relationship,  He is  forging a path of love from the perspective of co-creative union.

THIS WAY OF LIVING IN LOVE WILL GROW US, supporting the emergence of Sovereignty Consciousness on the planet, and a new codex for Sacred Relationship.