Sunlight Circle Designs is the Visionary Arts and Design Company of

Shelley Sophia Crawford

Graphic Designer, Web Designer and Visual Artist with 20 + years experience working in Digital Media, Graphic Design and Online Marketing Production. I work closely with my clients to create beautiful, engaging marketing materials and social media content.

As an Artist & Priestess, my work is focused on sharing: Design, Art, Ritual & the Creative process as vehicles for, Evolution, Beauty and Celebration.

My passion is to serve each person I meet in the greater expression of their, PASSION, PURPOSE & SERVICE here on the planet.




Have you been thinking about hiring me for graphics work, but not quite ready to invest in a website, or consulting package…my “Summer Branding Package” might be a the perfect fit for getting started.

This Package includes design of your:
• Custom Logo
• Branding Banners for your Website or Facebook
• A Promotional Flyer, for print and sharing on the web

This Package is a great way to get started in Building Up your Branding resources, and working with me on Promotional Content, all for a great investment of only $300.



Summer Solstice Sunrise - Haleakala Volcano, Hawaii

Summer Solstice Sunrise - Haleakala Volcano, Hawaii


What is your Passion - Purpose - Service here on the planet?

I would like to help you explore, gestate and emerge the truth of this Inquiry. 

These Project Consultation Services are designed to support you to not only discover & ignite your "Sacred Purpose", but also gain confidence & autonomy in all important aspects of building a successful web based business and effective online presence.

In a session with Shelley, some of the areas of exploration might be:

    •    Igniting Your Sacred Purpose & Service
    •    Emerging your Visionary Message
    •    Video Elegance and Confidence
    •    Digital Media Strategy Session
    •    Nuts and Bolts of your Web Site Creation
    •    Beautiful Newsletter Creation
    •    Social Media & Blogging

“Shelley’s work is exquisite. She designed a wonderful website for me and was most efficient about it! She’s a conscious creator and worked hard to express what I was looking for with my site. In addition, where I think she shines, is with her absolutely gorgeous live, Sacred Feminine rose-petaled Earth mandalas, and stunning multi-layered headers and flyers. She is a true artist of transcendental beauty. I highly recommend her.”
— Suzanne Mathis McQueen, Author, 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks

“The Rose Way of Love” Altar Cards Now Available:

“I want to say that I know of Shelley’s work and coaching and I consider her a master at creating beauty through the medium of the cyber world. Her art work captures the soul essence of who ever she works for and expresses their beauty and message clearly.”
— Raylene Abbott, Author

Venus Rose_ShelleySophiaCrawford.jpg
“An act of Grace. Shelley has blessed us in so many ways ~ kindness, creativity, dedication, devotion, and sweet loving service.

Shelley’s whole-hearted commitment to building a beautifully organized website for us has helped us manifest exactly what we were calling forth.

Thank you Shelley for your truly inspiring authenticity and the blessings that you have brought into our lives. Infinite Gratitude!”
— Scott, Eco Builder
“Shelley is not only an amazing artist and web designer, she is a Goddess woman that accompanies everyone in a beautiful process of awareness and grounding when creating a project on the web. She helps people to weave the real web and manifest their intentions. I would definitely recommend her!”
— Maya Rose Vassallo, Founder of the Roma Goddess Temple

Emerging in the Flow of Feeling ~ Images on Instagram: