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I love great mountains, rivers, oceans, and secret fresh water springs, I love flowers and trees and consorting with fairies. I prefer high places with good views, but have been found wandering along rivers in distant countries. I follow the Mystery, but have neither studied in a Mystery School, nor am I starting one. I believe there are timeless Pathways to unravel and be made whole again. I believe souls remember eachother and that the past can be healed with love, and that what that looks and feels like is unique to each person.

I spent the best part of my early twenties sleeping out under the stars wrapped in my lovers arms. Before cell phones and the internet. I grew up under oaks, with vistas and views and bubbling creeks. I have known heart ache and heart break, and the depth of meeting Love.

I 've had great sex and disappointing sex. I have had sex with love and sex without love, and mixed up the two, and grown wiser from the confusions.

In the world of polarizing view points, of a quick visual fix, of hey look at me and me and me again, I try to give you glimpses into something that leads us back to nature, and appreciation of beauty. Sometimes I feel hopeless and sometimes hope filled. Sometimes inspired and sometimes tired.

There is no point to this post except to share a bit of now....digitally. Someday when I am ripe and ancient, I hope to resemble an ancient oak tree, with wide comforting branches to lean into and ponder reality, with ample cover and potent roots, so you can draw comfort and wisdom just from standing near me.

But that’s a ways out…I can feel I am still just beginning to grow into myself,

Right now I am planning more nights under the stars, and deep drinks from fresh springs and dances in ancient temples. I hear old hills and stone circles in distant lands calling me.

Sunrise and Sunset, woman, man, in breath out breath, all remains the Mystery.

Love & Blessings

Shelley Sophia Crawford

Posted on August 2, 2019 and filed under Vision of a Sacred Future.