Beltane - Love & the Land, Spring in Avalon 2018


This Beltane marks the end of a year long journey for me, in just a few weeks, I will be returning to Oregon. On this journey, I have been living my own personal Sacred Earth Quest, which has been a long time dream of mine. I have been exploring the deeper understandings and intuitions, I could source as I have journeyed with the Celtic Wheel, all this a practice for me in deepening my commitment to live wide open as Love. My intention has been to find the mythic in the land, and weave my soul with the ancient leylines of the land, both in Malta and the UK.

I have been seeking growth and self understanding, all the while praying for the land, as I explored relationship alchemy, earth alchemy and the Celtic Wheel.

I have been learning to travel with-in the mythic and at the same time presence myself deeply in the present day or moment. This is how we open the veils to receive magic, how we transcend the mundane and deeply anchor ourselves in the mystery. By being willing to presence our awareness, multi dimensionally, span our perception and look beyond the surface of things. It means feeling deeply and being willing to receive the lessons available to us in each moment.

This Path can be spontaneous and playful  or it can be invoked through, challenge, discipline and going into the unknown.

These last few months I have been living in Glastonbury, England, a place long known as the mystical isle and realm of Avalon, deeply imbued with history and legend that circles around the grail romances, the intersection of the realm of magic and budding Christianity and the meeting place of Realms. All the perfect Cauldron in which I have been simmering, to source deeper personal revelation on all these topics.

This spring for me has very much been about coming to terms with feeling I am in  the autumn of my life. Letting go of alot of things from the past, and also curious now where the time has gone. Wondering if there is more life to live and will it be meaningful, and can I offer something of value to this world? I have been asking myself... what is this spring for me?  and... what is this particular juncture on the Celtic Wheel, showing me, guiding me, teaching me, about myself and about cycles, time, and transformation.


It has been a joy to watch the sacred landscape of Avalon come alive  with the energies of spring, each new moment an opening to greater vitality in the land, just last week we had a warm spell, and as if over night so many of the trees burst into leaf. The land feels almost fuzzy, with it's brilliant green aliveness.

Apple Blossom.jpg

Beltane is such a powerful time to feel the power of the Earth and also to honor her life force, and to celebrate our own. We circle to  give thanks for her vitality and our own. We consciously honor the returning of this alive energy in the land, and we call forth the fertility of the land and our creativity.

The more we do this consciously with the intention to anchor LOVE and the codes of Sacred Union with in the land, the more resonate and alive the alchemy between humans and the natural world can become. Ultimately rewriting the confusing stories of the past, and resurrecting a more sacred covenant with the earth and her keepers. In this way the Grail lives through us.

Relationship Alchemy and the Land...

Beltane invites me to explore the Relationship Alchemy of my own understanding more deeply...recently I wrote this, in regards to honoring the Feminine and Masculine in deep ways that will lead to healing and understanding.

To deeply worship the Masculine (in self and other), comes natural to a woman, who has not been wounded. She will desire to embrace all of creation with her heart as if it sourced from her intimate being innately connected to all of life. Although our true potential this is rare.

Modern Men also have a challenge, they have to make a conscious choice to be in reverence to the Feminine. It’s a choice point in a mans life. Which is challenging , in a culture in which his inclination for this devotion, has been obstructed by separating him from his feeling nature, wounding his connection with the mother and the putting him into the world with a kind of self serving entitlement that is very confusing. He needs an entry point to remember. And a woman who has been wounded by this legacy of separation,  She also needs an entry point.

We need to make conscious our choice to love, the feminine and masculine, in ourselves, in each other and in the world.

Equally we need to make conscious our choice to love the Masculine, to honor and understand his nuances. To honor and observe, to see the other from a space of loving neutrality, rather then our reactive projections.


Reflecting on the masculine archetypes available to us, what can we learn from the Celtic traditions. I have been asking myself, What can be called on and transmuted thru the wisdom stream of the traditions, myths, legends and consciousness of these ancient isles, and I am learning of a masculine consciousness that in the SPRING, is coming alive into the life stream of his power, as the energy and green pulse of the land returns.

This way of seeing masculine energy inextricably connected to the land.... rather then sourced from a transcendent god, brings some new dimensions to  our perspective.

When we see HIS life /death, rebirth cycles are infinitely repeating, cyclic and nourishing.... something changes! If we lived connected to this truth, this reality, we would steward life different. So there is a re-weaving our relationship to life - death, male -female that is all inextricably connected and connective, with in the context of the Celtic Calendar and the cycles of Earth. Beltane reminds up to explore this.

I foresee that this way of being together, has the potential, to mend deep fissures in our collective psyche, re-balancing the Sacred Hoop. A cognitive healing of the sacred balance of masculine & feminine in humanity.

When we find this equilibrium in our relationships , there will be a deeper return to love and respect for the Earth.

One of the ways I have been cultivating a spaciousness for this harmony is thru Honoring the Sacred Masculine, metaphorically and in my life, during this past 44 days, I created a Facebook album with pictures of Sacred Masculine archetypes and affirmations.

As a closing and continuum of this 44 practice I would like to offer a recording of my
Solar King Meditation & Invocation, which I discovered this winter while sitting in the Sun in Malta. This recording is just an example, to inspire you to cultivate your own practice, I think this practice could be valuable for both Women and Men, for affirming masculine energy and energizing the nourishing attributes of the masculine.


Loving the Land and Leading as Love:


Embodied compassion, on a large scale is needed now to transform our outdated social structures and mentalities that perpetuate separation, anxiety and disease. It is this profound inner invocation for balance which ultimately spirals the alchemy for social transformation on a greater scale. The old models of leaders and followers, no longer applies to what the world needs.

Nature is always speaking to us, sharing her long continuous symphony of loving, of change, transformation and evolution. To share in this Gaian mind set is a blessing we all have access to if we slow down and take the  time to deeply listen receive and be present with our birthright. The great mother is always loving us, holding us and birthing us when it’s time for our own transmutation.

Initiate with her, receive her new templates and begin again. This is the way of our ancient future dreaming. This is the dream of Love planted and preserved in the heart Of Avalon. But it depends on your own will and commitment to understand weather you part the Mists and find yourself there.

Love and Blessings ~ Shelley Sage Heart 2018

Beltane Invocation:

Sourced in Avalon 2018, by Shelley Sage Heart


With the waxing moon, and the quickening of the Earth

I stand upon the Holy Tor, and watch the rising

of springs sweet song upon the Earth
I've left my old life, and shed so many old stories

now I stand here... open in new spring glory

Calling out...
may the all the ancient seals be broken

the mysteries and inner secrets awoken

for those who stand upon the land, their destiny bespoken

 they hold the keys, the codes and signs


For this...loves sweet surrender,

the healing cords of Beltane that "inter - twin"

We give to this our hearts and souls to dance upon the land.
Weaving north and south as one, above and below, inside outside, male and female. To the task, to live as love…

the healing of our hearts, bodies souls and minds, restored!!

These are our:
whispers on the water

radiance of the land

our longing enshrouded in something that stands out of time

We are a lover and his lady,

A sword of destiny, a winding road of plenty, our shores of golden promise, and

and our ancient story revealing simply.


A woman to unlock the veils and a prince to give that kiss…a ferry man and the barge to cross the holy waters and part the sacred mist.

for this I have seen and known before….

as she

holds her lover in her arms, and invokes the silent mysteries, an unveiling of the tides, across the oceans deep
sweet waters to our lips, and songs that sooth the ears, a tenderness, a longing that does not fade with the years.

She will encircle you with this chalice, to bring you love, and help you thru... the fear, arrogance and malice.

your bodies are a temple, and your delight deepens the truth that feeds the land, adoration is the  really is that simple.

by fire light and water song, with the soft breeze, and the tenderness of Earth below our feet, I bow again to you my love and complete and then begin again another year! Round and Round the fires sweet, another year deepening in this mystery we meet, as we, hold each other and whisper the holy sounds of loves sweet soft symphony. We are complete!