Assemblage Point of Love


Valentines Day is soon approaching, and some of us love this day and some of us dread it, I have certainly felt my share of both. Since "Heart Healing" and "Relationship Alchemy" is a theme I am really working with this year, I would like to share with you a series of explorations on how to make subtle yet powerful shifts in our "Assemblage Point of Love."

Valentines is an interesting "holiday". It brings out our deepest longing to be met in love, gives us an opportunity to deeper appreciate the love we do have in our lives and always serves as a good reminder to walk first and for-most the path of self love. It stirs our sentiments and challenges our misconceptions about love. It can be daunting or inspiring to be in this space, depending on our "Assemblage Point of Love".

I see the "Assemblage Point of Love" as being the "place" that our relationship with intimacy is rooted in our consciousness, its where we love from, how we love and what we expect from others in loving. When we have an honest relationship with this assemblage point I believe anything is possible. Love is our birthright and so is intimacy, its human nature to share and grow together, it's soul destiny. Its also human nature to contract, project and blame the others when we feel that our longing for love is unmet. And yet, it's our very connection to our longing that supports us in creating a vision for meaningful love relationships.

I am offering this exploration on the Assemblage Point of Love, as a vision for shifting our Assemblage Point of Love, so we can feel more deeply resourced in the universal in our loving.


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On Soulmates and the Assemblage Point of Love:

There is no question:

The Soulmate, will change your "Assemblage Point of Love", and it is up to each of us, to understand this process and nurture the gift the other is presenting in the mirror.

When you meet a great being, (one you are meant to meet) a "soulmate" of sorts, there is an indescribable about of energy available to, heal, grow, learn and evolve rapidly. It's in our ability to recognize the potential in these connections and utilize the medicine of the "friend" entering our world.

This relationship offers an alchemy of the self and the other, which can powerfully expedite both beings personal growth. To be in the presence of a great wisdom teacher, is an honor and a gift, that nothing can replace, to find this in a friend and lover, is one of the most potent jewels of connection we can have, cherish this, and dedicate yourself to serving the alchemy of the connection with an open heart, and both your Souls will grow.


Assemblage Shift #1:

Feeling is Healing & Bold Truth Telling

Whats showing up around this concept of the "Assemblage Point of Love"... is the question: How do we shift the rooted beliefs in our Assemblage Point of Love, that keeps us in patterns of disconnect or distortion?

How can we empower more intimacy and healthy co-creation in our love relationships and in the world?

The first obvious tool available to us is... the courage to be absolutely truthful about our feelings. Easier said then done. This deep truth telling seems to be the most challenging when we have fears of rejection, abandonment or the fear of getting pulled into something messy, alarming or hurtful.

Our perceived rejections in matters of the heart, build up a kind of internalized callous in our heart space and before we are even aware of it, a wall goes up to protect us from the things we fear.

Those dreaded feeling we don't want to have to feel again. But feeling is healing and so this is the territory we need to move thru, in this process, until we develop some internalized "grace muscles".

Because of our fears , and the calluses they create... often our invitations to love, become half truths or distortions of the deeper potential truth of our very real human need to give and receive love and a share a space of connection. When we reach toward connection from this distortion, we create a distorted relational matrix. We say one thing, when we mean another, we play games and we veil the depth of our feelings. Or maybe we don't know how we feel, we just know we want something, so more energy gets pushed onto the connection then is the alignment. Or we just go numb and do and say nothing at all, deeply contracting.

In our fervor to cover up our vulnerabilities, we mask the truth and try to pedal these delusions onto reality. From this creation place it is no wonder relationships often end in confusion and misunderstandings.

To shift this way of being in our Assemblage Point is to write a new more loving story-line into our personal blueprints at our "Assemblage Point of Love' .

THIS COULD LOOK LIKE - THE AFFIRMATION: "When i share the truth of my feelings about love or attraction, it invites others to do the same, and empowers everyone to be more connected to their truth, needs, desires and dreams. When we are connected to the truth of what we want and express that from a clear place, the creation field softens and our relating is lighter, more nurturing and in alignment with the divine unfoldment. I trust the divine unfoldment, and the unwavering truth that, my feelings are beautiful, even if not shared or shared in a different way. I own my feelings and allow others to have theirs. I create beauty, truth and deeper intimacy in my life when I tell the truth. I live from this understanding and empower my Assemblage Point to vibrate at the level of this clear knowing. Trusting love will lead the way!"

Assemblage Shift #2:

Purity, Tenderness & Intent

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What context makes our loving pure? How do we begin the journey …
of reestablishing purity with tenderness, when moved by deeply passionate soul love, or stirred by a karmic connection?

Together we can forage new heart paths that radiate with our full potential in loving. If we are willing to surrender and feel deeply. When we ache to open to love, we are inviting something deeper with in the self to emerge, by embracing this aspect of self that is showing up, we forge a new way of being not only for ourselves but also for the extension of relationships around us. Can you feel the fullness of this?

Sometimes it can feel as if to love, is to lose, and so we contract, hiding from love and with holding what otherwise would be a natural out pouring of love, tenderness and openness, towards our world.

When we discover the reflection in another of the beloved...

What is it that we are seeing?

Is there purity, can we embrace this reflection just for what it is, which is LOVE, ONENESS, appearing as another.

Often what happens is initially there is the awakening of the heart, or sexual attraction, or the awareness of the other as a heart friend… but before we know it…what can come in is the need to control the out come of the connection to compartmentalize it and also to use the energy for gain, or comfort, or distraction, and that is when love loses it's purity, we start to muddy what initially was a pure spark, with something tainted, we just see thru the eyes of desire, and so we try to attach to the Beloved, we attach to the idea of the union, we live the relationship as if there is something to lose at any moment, rather then there is everything to gain.

With in each connection, there is a gift for us in arriving to open heartedness, arriving to life, arriving to relating with the beloved in the other, fully deeply and completely. Ask yourself how can I build a stronger foundation for opening to love, one that radiates into all aspects of my life? What beliefs do I have that is holding me back from this arrival?

A great exploration can be:

Where are my beliefs about this love aligned in my "Assemblage Point"?

Am I feeling fear or trust?

Am I relating from a place of Purity?

Am I relating to myself and the other person/people from Tenderness? 

What is my Intention for this connection, and is it in alignment with the other intentions in my life?

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Assemblage Shift #3:

Longing & Devotion - Co-creation

In the past few years I have had a series, of challenging and disappointing relationships, all of which have thrown off center my "Assemblage Point of Love" (the place where my relationship to intimacy is rooted in my consciousness).  I have been continually triggered and then mirrored old wounds that were laying dormant in my soul awaiting some light. This process has ignited in me a quest of unraveling myself to discover a deeper well of self love and shared intimacy. As I want to live deeply from my heart in an open way, and share what I discover as gifts back to the world.

Through practicing shifting the locus of my belief systems, positive self talk and re-storying my internal story, I am beginning to weave a new blueprint for relationship into my consciousness. This process is rarely easy, because usually I have to see the distortion first, it has to rear its head, before I have enough clarity to make the shifts.

I have been working to shift my "Assemblage Point of Love", from fear and contraction to one of openness, greater self love and a deep rootedness in the universal.

An optimist at heart, I keep questioning…  how do we open up again, and how I can encourage others to open into deeper spaces of the heart? How do we do our "Heart Healing and begin to vibrate deep and meaningful love connections into our lives, even after we have been, hurt, shocked or deeply disappointed in relationship?

Two Valuable Tools for deepening the path of opening to love in our lives are:

The Power of Longing and  the Path of Devotion...


My longing has taught me that there is something to be transformed, in me, to manifest my desire. It is the alchemical vessel for attracting my desires fruition. When we establish a loving relationship with our longing, we begin to utilize it as a tool for self transformation. When we begin to place good thoughts with-in the context of our longing, the universal mind has something to respond too, it gets a clear message about our intent.

When we place unfathomable trust, and deep surrender, in the SPACE, that longing is, this emptiness, this void, of our LONGING becomes the creative space, that the envisioned, Lover, or Beloved can move into. It's a subtle process, so be patient.  Sometimes the greatest results come in the smallest moments of interaction. So be on the look out for how the Beloved in life wants to enter the creation field of your awareness. All of our manifestations begin in this place.

I have witnessed that we have this relationship with nature, where when we offer the natural world our loving attention she responds with a stronger vibrational resonance.  I believe this is true for people too. If we actually practiced being in devotion to each other, and feared less the emotional entanglements we are running from, we may find that the Beloveds face shines brighter, and that this loving attention also helps us clarify what or how the other is meant to be in our life.

Several times in the last few years I have held ceremony asking others to participate in a simple practice, of relating with their partner with devotion. It is always amazing to see how the room lights up, when each couple turns to each other and really dives into a very present practice of devotion towards each other. If we knew how invaluable our true loving attention is to others… would we ever want to with hold it? and yet we often do. Surrendering ourselves in a conscious practice of devotion, is a way to empower and deepen the resonance of our connections, weather with our lovers, friends, family, or someone we meet in passing.

We are powerful, and have this tremendous ability to juice up the love fields of our lives with our attention. But often people don't share their energy or their presence not because the other person doesn't deserve it, but because we don't feel "good enough" inside ourselves. If you can get over this it will be for the good of both you and the other people in your life. Notice how everyone starts to GLOW MORE, and also how more clarity and revelation can come. Energy responds to attention.

On Devotion and Co-Creation:
Our DEVOTION is also an important KEY in co-creating and manifesting. When we devote ourselves to that which we aspire to LOVE, a great force rises up in the cosmos to meet us, and help us in fulfilling our dreams and visions. There is tremendous power in devoting ourselves, to each other, to the earth, to our visions and creations, to the children, and to ourselves. I have come to discover that once one has crossed that sacred territory into DEVOTION.....there is no turning back...
HONOR is the internal code, by which the warrior-lover guides their life in the fires of devotion.
LOVE like water is the juice that supports and sustains these co-creations."

Try these affirmations:

In this longing is a pathway to meeting my deepest desires.

My devotion is the balm my world needs most for healing.

I devote myself to the beloved in all life and show up to my world.

Assemblage Shift #4:

Dolphin Lovers.jpg

Anchoring the Universal Love

How can we expand our Heart space to vibrate in a Universal understanding of love?

How can we share more Love and be a shining reflection of humanities greater love potential?

One of the primary issues of our time, is that most peoples alignments with love, are rooted in the personal, we reserve our love for a few primary people, and we forget that we are apart of a larger whole that generates from a magical unseen force of love, much greater then our individual experience.

Changing our personal assemblage point of love from personal drama to the vantage point that we are apart of a vast spiral of interconnected wholeness, is key in freeing ourselves. This primary shift begins to change our personal confusions of the heart into a greater alignment with universal love consciousness.

This new way of being with love is the full potential of the heart.

The primary thing we have to share with others in this life is the resonance that we can share in the moment.

Many of the tensions and upsets and frustrations that arise in relationship, are just symptoms of being attached to a singular focus or desired outcome.

If our assemblage point to love was more anchored in the universal and the truth of the moment and we would live from a more expanded devotion to loving the whole. This shift supports more flow in our relationships, and expands our connection to spaciousness in our loving.

When we become fixed and attached to how we want love to show up in our lives, we forget our connection to the bigger picture, and we lose some of the spark of personal empowerment, freedom and sovereignty that is otherwise always available to us.

If we had that spark available to us, what would we do different? What would our lives look like if we felt freed up, to tell the truth, to share our love spontaneously in the moment, and love from a more deeply universal place.

 Affirmations for Anchoring Universal Love:

I open myself to allowing in and experiencing more pathways to sharing love, to giving love and receiving love, in new and profound ways.

The assemblage point of love that is shifting for me, is recognizing the confusion that comes when I have a fixed view point on how I expect love to show up in my life.

I invite universal love to move through my life in new and unexpected ways.

I am a radiant ray of humanities greater love potential?

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