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I love great mountains, rivers, oceans, and secret fresh water springs, I love flowers and trees and consorting with fairies. I prefer high places with good views, but have been found wandering along rivers in distant countries. I follow the Mystery, but have neither studied in a Mystery School, nor am I starting one. I believe there are timeless Pathways to unravel and be made whole again. I believe souls remember eachother and that the past can be healed with love, and that what that looks and feels like is unique to each person.

I spent the best part of my early twenties sleeping out under the stars wrapped in my lovers arms. Before cell phones and the internet. I grew up under oaks, with vistas and views and bubbling creeks. I have known heart ache and heart break, and the depth of meeting Love.

I 've had great sex and disappointing sex. I have had sex with love and sex without love, and mixed up the two, and grown wiser from the confusions.

In the world of polarizing view points, of a quick visual fix, of hey look at me and me and me again, I try to give you glimpses into something that leads us back to nature, and appreciation of beauty. Sometimes I feel hopeless and sometimes hope filled. Sometimes inspired and sometimes tired.

There is no point to this post except to share a bit of now....digitally. Someday when I am ripe and ancient, I hope to resemble an ancient oak tree, with wide comforting branches to lean into and ponder reality, with ample cover and potent roots, so you can draw comfort and wisdom just from standing near me.

But that’s a ways out…I can feel I am still just beginning to grow into myself,

Right now I am planning more nights under the stars, and deep drinks from fresh springs and dances in ancient temples. I hear old hills and stone circles in distant lands calling me.

Sunrise and Sunset, woman, man, in breath out breath, all remains the Mystery.

Love & Blessings

Shelley Sophia Crawford

Posted on August 2, 2019 and filed under Vision of a Sacred Future.

In the Heart of Me - A Poem

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In the Heart of me

by Shelley Sophia Crawford

A droplet in the ocean our endless collective sea.

Even if you don’t hear me, it doesn’t mean I don’t see.

A vision of remembering it’s burning to set us free.

A Lion in the Heart of me, it’s purring can’t you see. 

A fusion in the mystery awakens you and me.

Just standing Here, Now 
under this Ancient and Sacred Tree. 

A Rose in the center,

a riddle in the mind,

a path thru the forest that takes us out of time.

A river, a fountain and a breeze like a memory, that soothes away the centuries. 

Its in the silence we touch the living history.

Posted on April 26, 2019 and filed under Prose from me Muse.

The Gifts of this Lunar Imbolc, and Connecting with Brigit

Are you feeling it? The power of this Full Moon, combined the first signs of Spring drawing closer? What reflections are manifesting in your life as we move thru this powerful Full Moon/ Imbolc gateway? What fills your Chalice? What drains your Juice? How can you bring more balance into your life by harmonizing the elements of Fire and Water?


Posted on January 30, 2018 and filed under Celtic Wheel and Healing, Sacred Feminine.

Chrysalis of Relationship

This came thru yesterday, not sure if my writing does the realization justice, as it came more through in impressions and feelings and a big AHA!

"Every relationship has its own energetic chrysalis, that forms around two beings, as their energies meet. It is a kind of - energy womb - that supports both beings growth, into their next stages of evolution. It is the energy signature container beyond our psychical and mental perception."

Posted on January 4, 2018 and filed under Relationships.

New Moon Depth and Winter Solstice Message 2017

At Solstice we sit in the dark and listen, we allow the long hours before the rebirth of the Suns return path to be a a gestation field for what is to come. In this internal space of in-between, we have time to create and dream and cultivate deeper insight, all tools needed as we progress on our life path, and cycle with nature through life.

Posted on December 17, 2017 and filed under Celtic Wheel and Healing, Vision of a Sacred Future.

Mature Masculine Consciousness

With clear intention he works to harmonize his energy with the women in his life in a protective, nourishing hologram that supports and upholds the sacredness of all life. Living in conscious relationship,  He is  forging a path of love from the perspective of co-creative union.

THIS WAY OF LIVING IN LOVE WILL GROW US, supporting the emergence of Sovereignty Consciousness on the planet, and a new codex for Sacred Relationship. 

The Emergence of Our Soul Pillars

The Sacred Earth Circle becomes a vehicle for vibrating every ones journey closer to the home of our own direct experience of EDEN on Earth… Holding sacred space for each other the circle reflects more of our aspects and allows us to grow more quickly, harmonizing and balancing the collective vehicle or soul group.

Posted on November 6, 2017 .


"This post is dedicated to the ancient ones, the ones who came before us. May we remember what has been lost in time." Ask, and the ancestors can show us things, the veils are thin now and this is an absolutely beautiful time, to feel, to deepen to be with what is. Appreciating life, Appreciating those who have come before us, and on some level are guiding us always.

Posted on October 30, 2017 and filed under Sacred Feminine, Celtic Wheel and Healing.

The Virgin of Guadalupe & the Sweet Flowering on Earth

*This is an evolution on a previous note by the same title.


During this powerful time of year, as we spiral ever closer to the Winter Solstice, the longest night and the shortest day. I like to reflect with the Virgin of Guadalupe, on December 12th, as she is honored around the world. I like to reflect with her, because to me she represents the Earth.

The knowledge of this unique significance of the Virgin of Guadalupe was shared with me a few years back in the form of a very interesting book called “The Aztec Virgin” , this book unveils the complex and transcendent beliefs of the people whom practice mystical Guadalupism.

This book has had significant impact on my life, and was really my first introduction to the powerful symbol the Virgin Mary, holds as an archetype of Divine Feminine and Gaia based Life principles.

For me The Virgin of Guadalupe, in her most refined essence represents the Earth Mother, and all the qualities, that Gaia is now asking us to honor and uphold.

Long ago the Aztec people had insight into the time we are now experiencing on the planet, they called it the birth of the sixth Sun, and foresaw that this "Sun" would be the time of a "Sweet and Flowering Earth!"

They also foresaw that before this “flowering” there would be an age of darkness, a culmination of the darkest aspects of consciousness, and for the last 500 years since the arrival of Europeans on American soil, Indigenous people have been living this Apocalypse. And now we are living in a time, in which the same unchecked greed that that hearkened the end of Indigenous life as they knew it, is now wrecking havoc on the eco-systems of the planet, and it seems as if we are speeding towards a perilous ending to all life a as we’ve known it .

Are we now in a rapidly accelerating breakdown phase of this earth cycle?  How could it be that there is a “Sweet Flowering” ahead of us, in a planetary picture that feels like the end for the planet.


Is this happening? What is the Sweet Flowering? Does it exist?

It has been my hope and that there would be enough collective awareness of our connection with the Earth Mother, that we would see a great renewal, and a harmonization with the planet and each-other that would bring people together in unprecedented ways.

Is it possible that this “Sweet” blossoming of our potential is now upon us, in our darkening hours? And if it was, how would we know, how would we identify it, in a world that seems to be breaking down? Do you have hope, and if not how do we find it?

"Prema-Gaia" by Artist Shanti-Herrington

"Prema-Gaia" by Artist Shanti-Herrington

We have each only to look into the depth of our own hearts to come into a very direct understanding of what is happening. As one world breaks down, a new one is emerging.

For the Earth and we are the same Being. As she transforms so do we and as we transforms so does she.

For me this is really the deepest understanding we can embody at this time on the planet.

I think it’s helpful to understand this too, because it can bring us literally “down to earth” and help us to connect with the Earth  and reorganize our priorities for her well being.

Embodying qualities of collective planetary leadership:

  • Receptivity
  • Compassion
  • Forgiveness
  • Nurturance
  • Alignment in collective well-being
  • Grounded in great Love

Any system or belief or ideology that we may hold that throws us out of alignment with our own deep knowing of our Love...

is confusion.

What is most  important in these times

Is being connected with your own deep “knowing”, a tangible concept you can connect with now?

Do you know your Planetary Purpose?

Is there a great "love vibration" that is birthing forth collectively?

I see this “love vibration”, as a quality of residing in gentle, graceful acceptance for what is, no matter how challenging things appear.

I feel it’s important that we are gentle and receptive with ourselves at this time, accepting of where ever we find ourselves in our life journey. Receptive to leting our collective planetary hearts intention be the driving force behind our choices.

This receptive quality is easily embodied in the understandings that the feminine carries in the womb/heart consciousness of her being. That is why the Divine Mother, in her many forms, the Virgin of Guadalupe, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, are powerful, guiding archetypal Matriarchs for us to learn from.

“She will appear to you as much in the midst of noise, upheaval and times when we feel the sky is falling as when there is peace all around, at least in one’s own little universe — for she is often most present whenever there is most need for order, strength, endurance, a new idea, fierceness, hope and vitality.” - Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D.

I feel the principles and qualities that these Mother Earth emanations represent are the very qualities that will serve us to Embody. In so doing... we return our awareness and actions to the needs and heart of the Earth Mother, each other and the next generations to come!

How about you?

As we spiral deep into the heart of this Winter Solstice, I want to take this moment to call forth our deepest remembrance of, what this depth, can really be about!

Connecting us with what is, most important, with in the Dream Seeds of our life. Fertilizing the roots and seeds of that which longs to be a Sweet & Fertile Flowering on Earth.

In these coming weeks I hope you can take time to go within, and receive the gifts that are waiting for you there in the receptive depths of your heart.

Hold a personal candle vigil for yourself and the world, no matter how crazy or dark the darkness seems. Ignite your light!

Most certainly the Divine Mothers are watching over us and they might just be modeling a whole next level of leadership that the world is ripe to receive. ~ Love Shelley Sage Heart

Mi Guadalupe is a

Girl Gang Leader in Heaven

"Mi Guadalupe is a girl gang leader in Heaven.

She is unlike the pale blue serene woman.

She is serene, yes, like a great ocean is serene.

She is obedient, yes, like the sunrise is obedient to the horizon line. She is sweet, yes, Like a huge forest of sweet maple trees.

She has a great heart, vast holiness, and like any girl gang leader ought, substantial hips. Her lap is big enough to hold every last one of us. Her embrace can hold us, All . . . And with Such Immaculate Love.”

- from Untie the Strong Woman, by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D.


To read the Aztec Virgin:  Go Here

For Untie the Strong Woman: Go Here

Posted on December 12, 2016 .