“Shelley is not only an amazing artist and web designer, she is a Goddess woman that accompanies everyone in a beautiful process of awareness and grounding when creating a project on the web. She helps people to weave the real web and manifest the intentions. I would definitely recommend her!”
— Maya Vassallo, Temple of the Great Goddess, Rome
“Shelley’s work is exquisite. She designed a wonderful website for me and was most efficient about it! She’s a conscious creator and worked hard to express what I was looking for with my site. In addition, where I think she shines, even more, is with her absolutely gorgeous live, Sacred Feminine rose-petaled Earth mandalas, and stunning multi-layered headers and flyers. She is a true artist of transcendental beauty. I highly recommend her.”
— Suzanne Mathis McQueen, author, 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks
Shelley’s designs bring me past my imagination, every time her work delightfully surprises me. Her designs go beyond the seed of thought, and the flower of creativity that blossoms is 10,000 fold what I first envisioned. Shelley your graphics reflect to me my full potential
— Graell Corsini author of "The Guidebook to Sacred Living"
I want to give huge gratitude to Shelley Sage Heart for assisting me with developing this website, teaching me how to do it on my own while supporting me in each step. The process was so crucial to my own sense of safety and she held me in such honor and respect. Shelley, you are a master! Deep bow to you, dear sister!
— Mara Sophia, Ashland
Working with Shelley as a Photographer and Project Coach really was such a Joy!!! She is very professional and propelled me forward to harness my ultimate creative vision. As a photographer very insightful for finding creative backdrops and keeping the energy authentic and fun. As a coach she assisted me in finding my Creative edges. Which gave so much more fuel to my work and efficiency! Sydney
— Sydney Leigh, Musician
“Working with Shelley re-reminded me mostly about how it is to be serving others! Shelley put this in the forefront and her love and commitment to following through is outstanding! Not to mention Shelley’s suggestions and guidance in marketing, which has proved to be very fruitful in my Airbnb business! She really goes the extra mile!”
— Raymond Spiteri, Malta
“Shelley has been a gift. Her creativity, knowledge, willingness to explore possibilities, skill and love of beauty have made the collaborative process of creating a website a pleasure. I am deeply grateful for the support, kindness, and dedication with which she met me as a client. Shelley Sage Heart you are awesome.”
— Nancy Kilham