Water Prayer

Thunder Beings, Cloud Spirits

Weather Beings of Earth and Sky!
Mother of Rain - Father of Rain

Children of Rain

Come to us... from your high places in the sky from your low places in the earth, bless this land with your magic water cycles, with your tender tears, with your mercy....that we may feel the grace of moisture on these lands.

All living things are crying out for the restoration

of your natural blessings upon us!



Come to us from your homes in the East, in the South, in the West in the North!
Shower us, that this land may know sweetness!

Shower us that this land may receive healing!

With this prayer we promise not to forget you and our sacred reciprocity with you and your kind!

We are grateful and seek balance

we are humbled and seek communion,

we beseech your blessings joyously and

await the reunion of


of Wetness,

of Water Song!

Thank you ~ Thank you ~ Thank you!


copyright Shelley Sage Heart 2016, all rights reserved


Posted on February 29, 2016 and filed under Prose from me Muse.