Living in Love Grows


I would like to challenge our collective agreement fields that re-enforce Silence rather than Expression, or the assumption that to be a spiritual being we have to up hold personas of purity, perfection and high vibration. I would like to invite a more full range of expression, of human emotion and experience to the table, to invite us to be fully authentic. I invite us to see the "heavy" stuff we face and feel to be seen as creative resource for self transformation.

Can we become more willing to acknowledge that a river of great emotion that lies within each of us, that we are human and just as we are bound unequivocally with spirit, so to are we deeply connected with the Earth and Each Other.

I envision a future where there is great healing for humanity and the Earth. I imagine it springs up in small pockets of consciousness and cooperation, where people come together and grow gardens, feed each other, listen and care for each others souls.

We start small and this way of Living in Love grows. This love grows strong from the fertile compost of doing the hard work of becoming truly human and responsible for our relationship with our selves our environments and each other.

The Volcano goddess Pele of the Hawaiian Islands has directly taught me many things about the nature of the cycles of Evolution, first she bubbles up with a great firey force that is both destructive and creation energy at the same time, slowly over time, small lichens and mosses grow on what seems to be her barren lava fields, slowly they break down the lava, creating a rich growing medium for ferns, then orchids, and eventually the sacred Ohia tree begins to grow, someday a rich forest emerges.

As aspects of society and our environment crumble around us, can we keep in our heart the creative power of regeneration, can we allow our creative ideas and even our negative emotions to be like moss and lichen, allowing new growth to emerge slowly with faith, that each little pocket of evolution will someday become a great forest of beauty. Authentic beauty forged in the fires of transformation, nourished by waters of emotional depth and held by the heart beat of the Mother.

Copyright Shelley Sage Heart 2016

An Excerpted version of "Each Little Pocket of Evolution" can be found in the

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