Chrysalis of Relationship

Painting by Artist Tomasz Alen Kopera

Painting by Artist
Tomasz Alen Kopera

Every relationship has its own energetic chrysalis, that forms around two beings, as their energies meet. It is a kind of energy womb that supports both beings growth, into their next stages of evolution. I see this as the energy signature container beyond our psychical and mental perceptions.

We tend to go into meeting with other people as if we are separate, and that something of the "self" will either need to be upheld or lost, in order to maintain whatever the dynamic is.

When that is so far from the truth. Imagine if you will the reality that we live in a shared field that is so infinitely responsive and creative, that all our deepest desires and fears, have the potential to manifest for our learning, and that thru "us" and everyone else the (we in the us) orchestrates these connection points with the "others".  These are our soul mates, soul family, soul friends, soul groups, and random co - creators.




When we have a relationship of connection with another it is not chance, but rather a beautifully orchestrated reunion of sorts. With in this reunion, we have the opportunity to grow; our love, understanding, respect and a deepened equanimity . Eventually the alchemy of this meeting of souls will transform us and support us in whatever is next for growth. Then eventually and naturally the chrysalis sheds, and a new energetic geometry is formed.

When we meet a new or old friend, energetically there are 3 elements that form the relationship geometry:  you, them and the soul of the relationship. How we nurture and "be present with"  this chrysalis or relationship soul, will reflect in how we grow and what we are capable of co creating, thru the alchemical transformations ahead.

Many of us have been conditioned, to immediately, try and extract energy from the chrysalis or (co- joined energy potential) of our connection. Thus we struggle in relationship, we fight to win energy or we shrink away as not to loose energy. These patterns seperate us from living in the full potential that is there in every encounter. We push, to do and get and have, we strive and we take. Or we give and give and give and hope the takers will notice, and give back.


We don't do these things on purpose, its just that we weren't taught how to maintain our personal energy stream while being in the shared field. In other words holding energetic and emotional sovereignty, while being totally present with the shared energetic reality. Instead at an early age, we were taught to split off parts of our perception and create personas, or masks that keep us from experiencing our full self.

Ironic, sense being in the shared field is the intrinsic reality. 
Every moment we are always sharing and transferring energy with all of life. Imagine how complex things get energetically  sometimes, with everyone trying to get or give energy into their chrysalis, rather than just being with the potentiality that is already so potently there. When we move into co-creation from this place of spacious listening, the possibilities are delicious.

If we were to relax into a deeper state of shared trust, there is so much potential available, it would blow our minds and hearts wide open.

Love and Blessings ~ Shelley Sage Heart


Posted on January 4, 2018 and filed under Relationships.