Nourishing Love Relationships

Rose of the fairy Forest, photo by Shelley Sage Heart

I woke up this morning with a grateful heart for the beauty of what I have received and learned from all my love relationships. I talk to so many people who struggle to find happiness in relationship. Compromise, co-dependency, denial of personal truth, insecurities, control trips and power struggles are common. I have done them all repeatedly, so I get it, the patterns we play out in our love relationships.

I have also had many experiences of being deeply met, seen and truly sharing love, nourishing communication, deep emotional intimacy and true oxytocin inducing physical intimacy and great sex. I know that free flowing love and communication can flow between partners and is real. I would even like to propose that this kind of connective intimacy is our nature and our birth right. Harmonic Love Resonance makes the world go round.

 Where it doesn't exist or where we are missing pieces on how to create harmonic love resonance, is the result of an underlying systematic breakdown of the foundations of love, many of us having been en-trained from day one by our family conditions and societal pressures, to cut off parts of our self (literally in the form of circumcision, for males), deny love and take our true feelings underground, out of a need for self preservation.

If you find yourself struggling in relationship, or challenged to even find partnership that is truly nourishing. I encourage you not to give up, but to explore ever deeper the doors that lead to deeper intimacy, connection and ultimately evolution. You can have it all, everything you have have ever desired in loving and being met by another…it just takes...

some work, and a commitment to getting honest about current patterns and a willingness to open the heart ever deeper and explore.

Another aspect I witness all around me is how we chain ourselves co-dependently to relationships, that have come to completion or hurt us or no longer serve us, many people are chained to their dysfunctional relationships and it's like we are literally dragging around that hurt, that dis empowered feeling, that compromise, that un requited love, that un met sexual need, that lack of emotional connection, were dragging around the hurt, the emptiness the "not relationship", often way past the time, we could have set the relationship down, cut the cord and closed the door.

It is really important to find conscious closer of past or current relationships that no longer serve your growth or intimacy needs. If you are truly seeking deep intimacy with a beloved than take a moment to take stock of in-completions and places where we are holding unto unresolved feelings.

It's when we love from a place of sovereignty and emotional clarity, that we become empowered to nurture our relationships into new levels of fruition.

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Posted on July 22, 2016 and filed under Relationships.