Mature Masculine Consciousness

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There is a powerful aspect of the "Sacred Masculine" that is showing up in the men. I am experiencing the Men in our lives eager for transformation. And they are inspired to step into the new codes that are available now. Together with forgiveness we will find our way.

I see clearly that men: when nourished, loved, celebrated, honored and forgiven naturally will bring forth the qualities of sacred consciousness and reciprocity. These qualities are inherently connective, relational, nourishing, protective, responsive, and solution oriented.

A  Man following the path of the "Sacred Masculine" often embodies these archetypes: divine child, a healer, a teacher, a knight, a magi, a divine lover and a king. He is on a journey to bring forth the highest aspects of why he came to the planet.

He will teach and heal his world through these archetypes with in his being. He will also be integrated in his masculine Shakti power.

He is growing into a leader with the ability to bring others together into deeper states of cooperation, mutual respect, love and understanding for the whole.

With clear intention he works to harmonize his energy with the women in his life in a protective, nourishing hologram that supports and upholds the sacredness of all life. Living in conscious relationship,  He is forging a path of love from the perspective of co-creative union.


As women it is our honor to witness these transformations and nurture their emergence. In so doing we will receive all the gifts the Masculine consciousness wants to cultivate and share with us.


This will in turn be a spiraling up in our relationship paradigms.

Together we are learning to grow as integrated Masculine & Feminine awareness.

THIS WAY OF LIVING IN LOVE WILL GROW US, supporting the emergence of Sovereignty Consciousness on the planet, and a new codex for Sacred Relationship. 

~ Shelley Sage Heart 2016



Listen to my Audio File "Mature Masculine Consciousness"  for more explorations on this Topic:

Recorded this summer on Malta, after spending the night in an ancient Cave Temple dedicated to the Goddess Tanit.

This audio recording is a bit of a deeper journey into what I am calling "out of balance masculine energy" and how to atune back into a deeper balance so that the qualities of "mature masculine consciousness" that I am addressing above, can come forth.

*Warning this might be a bit triggering at the beginning but if you listen to the end, you might find it nourishing.