The Gifts of this Lunar Imbolc, and Connecting with Brigit


Are you feeling it? The power of this Full Moon, combined the first signs of Spring drawing closer? What reflections are manifesting in your life as we move thru this powerful Full Moon/ Imbolc gateway? What fills your Chalice? What drains your Juice? How can you bring more balance into your life by harmonizing the elements of Fire and Water?

What brings you deeper into Love?

I woke up this morning, and felt that it was time to set up a small Altar to Brigit, as I wanted to utilize this powerful super moon and lunar Eclipse to anchor the aspects of what I treasure most during this cross quarter point in the Celtic Year.

Goddess Brigit keeper of Springs and the Sacred flame, reflects many aspects for our growth, and is an empowering archetype to work with during Imbolc, the cross quarter window, between the Winter SOLSTICE and Spring EQUINOX.


Brigit is the patron Goddess of this holy day, which makes it one of my favorites:
Some years back Brigit came to me, in a vision, that was more like a full body sensor experience of being in communion with her, she taught me how to shed the sadness of our ancestors grief, and she also showed me that there was a direct line of connection alive inside me, back to my ancestors, if I so desired to tap in and follow her guidance, it wasn't easy this meeting, there were lot's of tears and a kind of inner dissolving of tensions, from generations of ancestors having forgotten the old ways, and yet there she was so bright and clear inviting me to own something deeper in myself, a whole lineage of women's wisdom. I understood that through her gifts of fire and water, we learn to adapt, and transform, things are not always as they appear, and that as women its so important that we tap into our deep elemental creative energy. She speaks to me, in a presence so potent, all I can do is weep in reverence.

Its powerful to invoke her at this time of year, to ask for her blessings, and to take a moment to honor the elements in nature, that we may insure the fertility of the land, as the land begins to stir beneath the mantle of winter, the earth feels, our care, our willingness to step outside, our willingness to spend some time sitting in the sun, our feet on the earth, giving thanks. This is also a time of calling on our power, and commanding our strength back into our hearts, that we may meet the rushing of spring with a renewed vitality and vigor for life. Its a good time to visit sacred Springs, do water ceremony, and also work with the Fire……(A nice balance of elements) but it can also stir what has been stagnate, loosen buried emotions, and feel like a sudden quickening of our growth. It has the energy of the first contraction in a birth/rebirth process. So there is intensity, but also renewal. This is also a time to stay with any deep process you have been in over the winter, and call on Brigit's illuminating strength to really help you work through it!!!! She is the kind of alie/guardian that can sit by your side at the fire, for as long as it takes, until you move through your confusion into clarity. So if this SUPER MOOON has you,  you a bit "stirred up" or working thru heavy emotions or confronted with conflict, call to Brigit to help facilitate the activation into deeper healing and understanding.  Love will lead the way. Whatever it takes, don't give up on yourself.


Come lovers, and dreamers, to the sacred well, and drink from the fountains, and springs of new vision, light your candles and fires, and dance and sing, for the time is a quickening and soon it will be spring. Call to our lady, call to her grace to bless and sanctify every sacred place, the bushes and trees, and fairy glens, with your presence and love, ensure they stay protected and wild and free, that the balance of nature, lives on and the lineage of love grows strong. Out of the chilly dark night we shall, come, embraced by each other and the beating of the drum, to our Fair Fire Ladys song we will begin to awaken once again ... as we invite in these subtle stirrings of spring.

Love and Blessings Shelley Sage Heart

Copyright 2018

Posted on January 30, 2018 and filed under Celtic Wheel and Healing, Sacred Feminine.