Tristan & Isolde ~ Heart Healing and our Return to Love


"The legend of Tristan and Isolde is the tragic tale of two lovers fated to share a forbidden but undying love."

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"There is a ruins in each of us. A place where 'what once was' lives on like an echo, haunting the landscape of our lives with its weathered foundations. Abandoned, scavenged, and dismantled by time, the ruin is the holiest place in our heart. It is the ways in which we have been broken that have earned us a standpoint. It is in our life's absences that a wild longing is born. This place that has been ruined is a temple in which to worship, to throw down our grief and our forgetting, and praise what remains. After all, these remains are the evidence of how greatly we have loved and should be venerated as the legacy of survival that they are." - Dreamwork with Toko-pa

The theme living inside me today has been: How do we return to love? How do we open our hearts to love yet again, when we've experienced heartbreak, separation, disappointment or betrayal in love. Why are the wounds of love so great and what do they have to teach us about the souls path of initiation in our journey back to Living as Love?

Hands on my heart I find myself in the early morning hours tracking my own separation from love, all the little heartaches, that have left me broken, I see a vision of my heart, a shattered chalice, of fragmented love stories, unmet longing, and broken dreams. I want to keep opening to love but I am afraid, that if I truly do so, the delicate, patch work I have constructed around my heart, will break, that the worst of me will show up, and I will be weak and vulnerable, rather then strong and fearless. So I find its hard to get in touch with these emotions, but they are there, if I track a little deeper they are there, holding me back from living my deepest dreams, expressing my truth.

And...  well the rest of my day has been an exploration of this state, in hopes of Heart Healing, through understanding these themes.

Love is our birthright, its base form it is the most primary need of the Newborn, without the oxytocin producing connection with its mother and father a newborn will wither emotionally. When our essential need for connection and connectivity goes unmet there is a kind of brokenness that develops in us. This is a brokenness and separation from love that many of us have experienced in some form or other in the first hours and days of life.

So we carry this pain programing in us , this wound of our un-met love.

Later in life, when we first deeply and truly fall in love with another, the deep need that has been lingering in our being, momentarily is fulfilled, and for a moment, a rose of hope, confidence and unmet longing gets deeply fed within the love we find with another.  But often because of the alchemizing nature of relationship, there comes a time when lovers drift apart, or we betray each other, or our own unaddressed shadows and fears pulls us apart, separating us from love once again. This wound of love, triggers the pain body reaction of what ever our initial separation from love was, and we can feel abandoned, forsaken, and just damn terrifyingly sad.

If we were to remember that we are love itself, we would never feel separate from love, we would have the strength to carry on with out the beloved, knowing that love lives with in us, and that we have the power to reinstate the consciousness of connectivity with our lives and the living world around us at all times. That the perceived Beloved outside of us, is us.

To be vulnerably broken open to love is a great gift, a precious thread that can lead us to our own deeper opening to self love, and a resilience of heart, to live this remembrance is to discover that we not separate from the Source of Love.

So what do the fated lovers Tristan and Isolde have to teach us about this alchemy of love? The story could be seen as an allegory about the pitfalls of loving deeply, but being so tied to our thoughts, traditions, our overwhelming love etc, that we over look, that love is always leading us home to a greater expanding "higher love."  Tristan and Isolde were so hopelessly in love that they weren't able to make that break thru, that shift to the greater love field of understanding. At the same time they teach us about the incredible tenderness of love, the way it breaks us open to something so profoundly vulnerable that we feel we can not live with out the connection to this love. To resolve these dimensions inside our own hearts is to walk the grail path deeper into love. We can not control with whom or when love will deeply crack us open. But we can choose how we respond, and where we will let our love wounds lead us, we have a choice when faced with heartbreak... to move deeper into a universal state of compassion, or into the torments of broken heartedness.

So what are the tools we can use to alchemize, from heart ache to holiness? How do we integrate the broken parts of our selves into a sacred temple, a nourishing fire of truth, that can guide others thru the long night of the wounds of love.

Are you willing to hold my hand, as I reach from the rubble fields of heartache, lets remind each other often of our sovereign sacredness, lets learn to reflect love to the world, that together we can build a chain of unbroken love, in ourselves, in our families and in the world.  I have sat with Tristan and Isolde's grief and known it as my own, and now dedicate my life to the restoration of all great love stories, on the inside.  Beyond the wounds of separation is our exquisite knowing of compassion, trust, security and sanctity, that is every beings birthright, in this remembering we begin to restore our world from the confusions that have ravaged the earth.


Shall we reunite the inner lovers in our own hearts and commit ourselves to walking the path of love, that together the goodness is seeded so exquisitely that the very vibration of this loving fills the places that our broken in our beings.

I have walked thru the summer lands of love, and witnessed, the death and rebirth of dreams, I have loved and lost and loved again, I have buried my heart and walked on, only to be brought back to having to face the wounds that kept me from this path, of loving again. I feel incredible lucky to be met in the mirror by other brave lovers of life and for moments be given the opportunity to work with these elements that keep me separate from love in my own being.

My intention is to keep walking this path until it leads us home, to anchor the codes of Sacred Union onto the planet in ways we haven't yet done. I will continue to share the messages that have been entrusted to me… Heart Healing, Sacred Sexuality, Conscious Conception, Sacred Family, Conscious Relationship and more.

In these coming years I will be offering some Heart Healing ceremonies, to unite the sacred hoop and create a sanctuary of connectivity, for our collective healing, as well as for individuals to move thru pain currents that have kept them back from having fulfilling connective relationships. This is my path the path of awakening the Sacred Heart.

Posted on January 21, 2018 and filed under Relationships, Vision of a Sacred Future.