Rain at Midnight


I want to give you something gritty you can count on...

like the salt of my tears

soil from the garden

warmth of the fire

the wind at our backs

the growl of a grizzly bear at dawn...

we all need these incantations to work… you see

the ones of... river song

and ocean waves, rain at midnight, the torrent of a water fall,

the sweet low murmur of spring water finding the surface


things we can all navigate by… they are as essentially apart of us… as Earth… they are also


from one world to the next...


the elements, bare to us the truth of our actions on this planet

so don't forget… at some point... we all need Her...

we all need her… the old woman that reads the signs… winking as she coos

Something alive wants to burn thru us, and insure we come out better than before.

So take more deep belly breaths, indulge your laughter, swim in fresh waters more often then not. Linger in sunlight, and sit with friends by candle light humming

There are so many ways to say I love you

and not one

that really counts as goodbye.”

 Poem by Shelley Sage Heart 2017

Posted on September 11, 2017 and filed under Prose from me Muse.