Her Mysteries are Awakening

Her mysteries are awakening

seeds planted are flourishing across the land
her priestesses are remembering

blood mysteries
our codes of love

a riddle curled in feminine telling,

a mystery in our hands

scented with oils, and roses

dirt of the roads on our feet

artistry in the making, a mystery in the retelling

remember. remember remember…remember...HER

holy sacred one… of the red veiled way...lover of god,  wisdom stone, holy grail
she who transmutes suffering into wisdom,

flower of Gnosis

nourishing nourishing nourishing she remains

sprouting up, the mantel of our womb wisdom now

collectively, we invoke, to build:
 a brighter future of love courage and hope

She has invited you…

no one will be left out of this celebration, everyone has a place at her table, no one is hungry, every child held

the mandate of the sacred, written in our longing hums, for healing

in the life blood, DNA…divine feminine awakening…the heart healed, lovers reunited

her daughter's all here, her priestess draw near…..back and back and back an unbroken chain of womb wisdom…that is what got us here…

Stop and listen now, become silent, open your heart…there is a voice subtle and unshaken…communicating communicating, communicating…We are here.