The Emergence of Our Soul Pillars


In the Sacred Earth Circle -The Emergence of  Our Soul Pillars

Written by- Shelley Sage Heart 2012
Twin Flame Reunions ~ and The Sacred Earth Circle

I have come to understand that because our “original soul” blue prints have expanded/fractaled out into so many “of us”  alive on the planet now ~ that some of the most powerful partnerships or Twin Flame Unions will come about as a result of gathering together with our Soul Families…it is in the context of our larger soul family reunions that the pathways to union with the beloved emerge… in the Sacred Earth Circle we practice both being fully aligned with in our self... inner wisdom,  and at the same time we practice seeing our Self as a part of the WHOLE…the sacred circle the larger community.

In this way the soul is beginning to learn the dance of self and other. With in this practice we begin to feel and see the “other” reflected more clearly ~ our vision and perception of resonance strengthens and natural reunions of the “twin soul” aspect ~ are brought forth….As these twin relationships gain depth in the context of the circle they then in turn strengthen the vibration of the “knowing” ~ resonating every ones understanding and perception of the divine truth. Helping us to see each other and our emerging partnerships with pristine clarity.

The Sacred Earth Circle becomes a vehicle for vibrating every ones journey closer to the home of our own direct experience of EDEN on Earth… Holding sacred space for each other the circle reflects more of our aspects and allows us to grow more quickly, harmonizing and balancing the collective vehicle or soul group.

It will become increasingly difficult for couples to gravitate towards each other for just mutual pleasure, survival …etc………the divine functions of Sacred Union are being restored (restoreyed). The Purpose of “partnerships”  ultimately is for  two hearts in union to become a “Soul Pillar” … a foundation and a living vehicle for planetary healing and  transformation  ~ a fertile holy sacred ground ~ for the evolution of the spirit and the manifestation of love as love into the planetary body…..manifesting as the next generations (or love projects and creations that support the next generations) in sacred stewardship with the planet herself.

Our Romantic Relationships can and must have this motivation at their core now ~ in order that we recreate ourselves into the unified and collective vessels “fully awakened soul groups” ~ that can and will carry forth the divine plan in sacredness, for the well being of all that is.

Look for your lover in the circle of lovers where the fire has been established and the call of all remembrance awakened, look for your beloved in all eyes and allow them to to meet you there, be the beloved for all who turn and face you with all their joy and sorrow ~ turn no one away ~ rather embrace each moment as if it is your last, practicing the divine union of the sacred heart again and again ~ bringing all hearts into one house ~ a whole and holy  temple that is alive with sweet singing…..practice this devotion and this infinite opening to loves sacred fire again and again until you are complete… for he/she has always been at your side…………as am I…. with….in all things…..look for your beloved in each embrace and with  each “in and out breath” ~ become that which you seek! You are the holy home for each other!
Whisper ~ gently together... ” I am you and you are me”… reside in this place.

Love & Blessings  - Shelley Sage Heart

Earth Painting - Completion by Brenda Ferrimani

Earth Painting - Completion by Brenda Ferrimani

“Love is an ocean without shores. You have to jump in, never to come back…This isn’t a path for cautious people.”  –K Singh

Posted on November 6, 2017 .