Venus At Dawn

Painting by Epic Artist: Susan Boulet

Painting by Epic Artist: Susan Boulet

In search of Venus...

I set out in the softness of dawn, to wander with the earth and vast sky...
As the shades and colors of sunrise greet me, I am enchanted by the purity of new day.

The moon a precise crescent, waning into mystery, against a deep blue endless sky.

At first it seems, as if…I won't find her here, as I had first hoped. Maybe I should have gone out earlier, when Orion still hung heavy over last nights fields, but I waited…

and now walking in the silence, I feel as if I remember this place, as if from some ancient ancestral knowing, of cold and beauty, and mornings resilience. The swoop of Raven wings above me makes this knowing seem distinct, as if I something deep in my bones is accustom to speaking with Ravens, comfortable with the way they move between worlds, with grace.

Suddenly a tribe of Crows is flying above me, one after the other, perfectly silhouetted against the shimmering blue sky, eventually finding their rest in a near by tree. Then a flock of Seagulls and then a flock of Geese, fly over my head. I am transported for a moment on wing and feather and flight.  I have joined their dance in the sky.

Eventually when I look up to the East from my wonder at bird flight,
I see her there, almost hidden on the horizon, a perfect point of light
Like an old friend,  rising, I hold my focus with her, and whisper gratitude to this dawn, the sky becomes more alive with color, and the clouds turn a sweet glowing orange, while others in the distance above the hills turn pink. The world around me is illuminated colors and sounds.

As her light greets me, I imagine that she is also radiating a blessing on the corner stone of the old chapel and the ancient secrets hidden there in. Feeling reflective, I think about how there is "knowledge", and there is ones direct experience. By cultivating a presence in the moment,  we have the power to influence understanding in the places where past and future meet.

To effectively stand between moments in time, we must have a great love in our hearts. Nature will respond to this great love, and perfectly mirror to us not only our personal medicine, but clarity about the bigger picture. If you feel somehow helpless or hopeless, or stuck or deprived of the meaningful connections that sustain. Then I encourage you to return to nature, and just be present, so much is happening with her, allow the energy in the land and in the plants and animals to reveal themselves to you. A tremendous giving and receiving is always at play in the elemental world.

No mater how great you think your mission is, or your purpose, start with connecting with the Earth & Sky first. Give yourself over to understanding.  What is happening wtith the ground you walk on?  Feel the earths currents, and the way the waters of your lands flow, and how the waters sound. Develop a relationship with the cycles of the moons,and stars.

Nature is speaking in tongues, a song of complex profound beauty.

Through waking our senses we have everything we need to decode even the greatest mysteries…and this is how each one of us will come to find our place with Eden.  - Shelley Sage Heart 2017


Posted on November 14, 2017 and filed under Prose from me Muse, Vision of a Sacred Future.