Loving on a Path of Heart, "WOMB HEART CONSCIOUSNESS" Part 2

A few summers ago I had a very direct experience of what "Womb Heart" union can be and what it means to open up and expand my sacred magnetic womb heart space.

In the early morning hours as I held my lover breathing deeply into our beings, my awareness rose and fell as i followed our breath, filled with love in my heart, and an awareness of the undulating pulse of the sexual energy flowing between our bodies, I became very relaxed and energized at the same time, and from within this space I became aware of my energy actually expanding out around us and enfolding us in a very rich fertile, magnetic field, in which my lovers activating masculine energy was held by this very specific expanded love field, one in which i discovered, we could both project our prayers and intentions for whatever we wanted to create.

My ability to come into awareness of this expanded energy field that was holding and containing my lover, and our love prayers, had a lot to do with a couple of factors, one being that I felt relaxed and safe, in a since "deeply held" by the space of love that we had created as our home, our bedroom and the connection between our hearts. I also didn't feel any pressure, to do anything other than breathe and be with what was in that moment, I could feel the sexual energy moving between us, but just breathing and being with what "was", was enough.

One of the things that we had been practicing, which allowed for this "attune ~ ment" with the subtle energies in our sexual energies was that we weren't having intercourse. As a result over the past few months I had begun to sense and feel my own energy field in a deep way that I haven't at other times in my life when I had been making love alot ~ I found that when I was making love often, where my partner was entering my body, a lot of my energy would have to go into processing and adapting to my partners energies. I've learned that I am a very sensitive being, as are most women, and that it doesn't take much to send us out of our centers. Any out of balance sexual projections and energies that the man is carrying can easily become a psychic burden for a women to process.

One of the greatest gifts any couple can give each other is to allow time for the energies to build and create trust fields between each other before moving into intercourse....that way both partners have the chance to more fully open in the love making and hopefully establish a greater lasting bond.

A woman's sexual energy has a great potential to bring love and healing into the world, especially when she feels, safe, loved and honored.

I also believe that part of really honoring and understanding our sexual energy is to ~ really understand, just how vitally connected to our procreative power it brings us ~ this has to be honored. If we make love with out being in full honor of our procreative potential...then there will always be an element to our sex that is infused with , fear, shame, or ignorance. Which leads to a loss of our vital energies! But if we can make love ~ in full conscious recognition of this procreative power and if the woman's innate power, sensitivity and the heart-fulness of both people are honored, then we are making love in a way that brings more love to the planet ~ if we add our prayers to this loving, and even the conscious intent to mate and bring forth a new life ~ Wow ~ tremendous potent life affirming energies are available to us!.

This kind of love making is bonding! I know I long for this kind of bonding and that at my core it is essential to my experience as a creative empowered sexual woman. It's as essential as my desire to drink water and is also the innate wisdom that will lead me to bond with my children, my community and the earth.

This kind of bonding establishes the foundation for healthy families, healthy communities and healthy future generations. So love deeply each other ~ open and respect, more deeply than you ever have~ the potent potential that resides in the sacred space of your love making. And if you find that your not ready to share that deeply with the person you are with, or they aren't able to fully honor you ~ than it is best to wait...cultivate your self and attract another relationship into your life in which you can make this kind of love!