Opening Our Womb Heart Consciousness

In my vision our "Womb Hearts" represented by The Rose, were opening, allowing our innate gift as divine beings to embody more deeply into the awakening womb of Mother Earth.

This vision sent me into the inquiry, "what will it take to convey the new codex for Sacred Relationship at this time on the planet", the steps seem so simple yet the journey is unique for each of us... this is what I have come up with so far in regards to evolving our sexuality and our relationship with the planet, as I believe the 2 themes are entwined. I would like to propose that there is a direct connection between our sexuality, our creativity and how we relate with the earth.

Our Wombs (for both men and women) being the center of our creative ~ procreative power ~ and our hearts being the manifestation of our innate ability to embody love. When these two energy centers are aligned, and working together, they become a kind of refined, aspect of our chakra system, which in turn empowers us to bring forth new codes for Living as Love.

This internal womb/heart union in the individual mirrors, the potential ignited when the Feminine and Masculine consciousness is in alignment , great things can be manifest from this union of consciousness.

In love making the union spirals the potential of evolution exponentially deeper as man and women combine their energies and biology, activating all of our pro-creative power to create... Whether we are manifesting babies or consciousness, the alchemy of the process is inherently inter - connected.

The new codex of Sacred Relationships requires that we make conscious this potential in our love making.

Peeling back the layers of centuries of confusion and fear regarding human sexuality,  we can look into the very source of our selves ~ and see ~ that sex ~ union ~ is how we are made ~ Sex is Sacred!

Life is Sacred! Creation is Sacred! We are Sacred!

I would also like to propose there is a sacred sexual aspect to all of creation. With in this, is the polarized union of opposites. So this understanding plays out with in the very energetic, emotional, psychic consciousness of each of us as individual beings. That is why the "Rose Heart" ~ is ~ "with in". It is an energy we begin to embody... and when we can align the two energies of our wombs ~ procreative power ~and ~our Hearts ~ transcendent love center ~ great power and energy is invoked !


As I began receive certain downloads and clarity in 2011 about the Rose Womb Heart Consciousness, I felt simultaneously both the pulse of my own connection with the Rose Womb Heart wisdom, and a clear sense that if I was going to truly open to what was available for me to receive that there were some layers of healing that were still needed. For me some of those layers had to do with more deeply embodying and being in touch with all the aspects of my Feminine being.

I feel that where ever we aren't fully loving and celebrating the healing aspects of the feminine in our own lives and in our culture ~ there is a need for a deep healing to lead us into full embodiment of this "Rose WOMB Heart" connection. Which is a deep receptive place.

The importance of being willing to move into this healing work is very connected with the entire planetary process.




As women relax into this receptive consciousness,  we become agents of evolution for the men in our lives... and at the same time as the men in our lives feel empowered to connect with the inner womb/heart dimensions within themselves, they more fully bring their gifts forward into the world in a balanced way.

With a renewed awareness of our unique gifts as men and women we will naturally want to reevaluate the way we have been playing out our sexuality and begin to reclaim ways of relating with our Pro-creative Power. Ways that are founded on the sacredness of our being. Anchored in the foundations of love.

What is needed for this "Rose Womb Heart" Consciousness shift?

One of the things that is needed first, is for women to be in touch with their power. When a woman is clear about her value and divine nature, and has clear boundaries and feels empowered to honor herself and her truth... then she can actually become a receptive, living example for a more sacred way of expressing and being in her sexual relationships.

Re ~ establishing our connection with our innate pro-creative power, and honoring the flow of Love in our lives will naturally begin to align us with our connection with the Earth Mother and all of sentient life, being more sensitive we can honor all of life as Sacred. That is why it is important for us to let go of the shame and fear of our sexuality and embrace our sacredness, because the more we "live" lives that are in touch with our sacredness the more we will create a culture that honors the sacredness of all life.

 When a woman is truly in touch with herself , her basic goodness, her self love and honor than she is personally empowered to express healthy boundaries and can set the parameters for sexual union that are in alignment with her true needs as a woman. I also understand that these needs are intrinsically connected with her instinct to procreate and express the "mother wisdom" of her being, as well as her unique feminine power and wisdom. When a woman moves in her life from this place, the whole picture of how she co-creates in the world changes.




 When A man loves himself and understands the sacredness of his own unique being, than he is empowered to honor the sacredness of life, he begins to simply understand the beautiful role he has in co-creating life with the feminine in his life, he begins to embody his instincts to procreate with awareness and his "father wisdom" manifests more fluidly in the way he approaches life.

At this point a man's attitude towards the women in his life becomes one of reverence and co-operation, rather than one of dominance and control. His powerful creative power is re-established and the co creative instinct of the masculine to honor and revere life, vibrates into the planetary body.

Masculine nature is activating and electric it is the drive behind our inclinations to create and survive. His role is also to hold an unwavering love field for the feminine to express the fullness of her being with in. When a man makes love to a woman with Love and Reverence, his activating energy system has the power to bring the polar energies of masculine and feminine into a magnetizing union, of energies that opens the woman's magnetic creative emotional fields ~ opening her ~ in turn her love expands their collective field and there is a great potential for love, healing and bonding to occur. Read More about my direct Experience with this HERE.

With in this bonded love field, a man and woman have a tremendous potential to bring beauty into their lives. The energetic space of love that they create together in the union of their energies is an infinite wish fulfilling power.

That is one reason it is important for men to relate masterfully with their desire and to practice ejaculation control and the arts of love, in the love act. Bringing great pleasure and opening to his woman.

As he concentrates or a tunes his energies with his partner.  igniting this activating force to increase his awareness and presence in the union with his beloved, the more the field of love between the man and woman can open up and become that sacred pro-creative space, which is our intrinsic longing in love making!

Now more than ever we have many resources available to help us to understand our potential as sacred sexual co-creative beings. The more deeply we understand our sexual creative power and the potent power of our integrating potential to love more deeply, conceive more consciously and birth our babies in love ~ the more we can cultivate a new culture, that ensures our future generations be born into a culture of love and sacredness.

When a woman and man make love they have a tremendous opportunity to establish a sacred consciousness of love onto the planet. In turn the feminine energy has the ability to ground these energies into the earth, and bring forth a new life.




It's time to reclaim our sacred sexuality ~ because it's time to bring the sacred back into our lives.

The union of our conscious "womb hearts" with the "source of all" that is, is already our true nature. Our task is to consciously infuse this awareness into the very daily fabric of our lives. To infuse our lives with prayers of love, intent-full presence, and to continue to support each other in being more in touch with the subtle energetic, organic, interconnection between ourselves, each other and the Mother Earth.

When we have reverence for the sacred in our sexuality, we have reverence for life ~ the reverence naturally embodies in the way we make love, and conceive ~ whether we are conceiving a child, a creative project or a prayer. Our co-creations can become more and more filled with our heartfelt ~ love filled ~ Intent!

If we as a culture can revere the sacred in our sexuality, and the bonds of love, motherhood, and the needs of families, we will also naturally want to a tune and live in balance with the planet. For the Mother Earth is the Magnetic Wish fulfilling womb for Humanity! When we honor her ~ she honors us back and we are held in her great,
gentle and dynamic love!

We are awakening consciousness in the Womb Heart of the Earth!

Whether you are a woman or a man I invite you to return to a reverence of the sacred in your lives, to begin to embody the deep ~ values ~ spiraling forth from your "womb hearts" ~ your "feminine intelligence" your

"mother wisdom" & "father wisdom"! Your integrated Masculine & Feminine Wisdom with in.

Reclaim your power, your creative power, your sacred whole and holy true nature as sexual procreative beings. With out shame, in love, with love. Valuing subtle energy, bonding, conscious conception, mother hood, children and family values. TOGETHER WE CAN BIRTH a new Codex of Sacred Relationship onto Earth.


Love and Blessings ~ Shelley Sage Heart

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