Supporting Conscious Evolution with Heart Centered Childcare,
I have been working with children and supporting moms and families for 20 + years.

I am continually inspired to nurture the heart and soul of each family I work with

and have a deep respect for each individual child's creative nature and intellectual development.

Spending time outside is important.

I like to encourage and initiate projects and playtime that is inspired from the natural world.

Some examples of nature inspired art projects are: 

Flower Fairy Dolls created from flowers and yarn

  • Making flower mandala's
  • crafting fairy dolls from plants and herbs and flowers
  • garden creation and tending
  • fort building
  • making paint from natural materials
  • basket weaving
  • rock painting
  • making head wreaths and flower Lei's
  • making instruments and other imaginative things from the natural supplies found in nature



Paz age 4, with a Fairy Feast prepared by us, outside our Mother Earth Flag fort, 2014

I find that all kinds of important life skills are learned when we see nature as a fun resource for creating and learning from. This is one of my passions and I love sharing the teachings of RESPECT and CO-CREATION with NATURE to children, offering them a foundation of personal resource and nature connection that will last a life time.

Time spent outdoors, can be highly creative and inspirational, making outside play a natural environment for creativity and artistic exploration, expression and co-creation.

I am going to be offering several outdoor crafting and nature art workshops this coming summer. So stay tuned!

In the meantime I am available for on call childcare and one one art lessons and outdoor play time.

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“Shelley has taken care of our 4 yr old son, Noe, many times. He absolutely adores her and really loves the imaginative games that they create together. She engages him in a lot of outdoor activities and she is always respectful and conscious of where he is coming from emotionally. I am always pleasantly delighted to hear the stories of how they passed their day together. Shelley is also a very responsible, conscientious person who I would highly recommend to any parent.”
— Tricia ~ Haiku Maui
“The Beautiful Earth is us. Breathing together in the same rhythm we restore our calm, our peace. Let us accept ourselves so we may accept one another. Let us share the vision and make it possible for Great Love to arise. “
— -Thich Nhat Hanh
Powerful Affirmation to share with your children!

“I Am Brave, I Am Bold,
My Own Spirit I Can Hold.”
”I am Bountiful,
I am beautiful,
I am Bliss”