Heart to Heart's Current Series

"The Path of Sacred Birth and Conscious Parenting" with Special Guest Aurora Sheehan

SHOW 1: SHOW 1: Pre-Conception: Preparing the Vessel - Self Love

SHOW 2: Conscious Conception, Sacred Union & the Power of Creation

The additional topics we have planned flow like this:
 SHOW 3: Intuitive Pregnancy: Discovering Choice & Living in Truth
SHOW 4: Sacred Birth: Becoming the Stewards of Spirit
SHOW 5: New Paradigm Parenting: Raising our Children in the Light
 SHOW 6: Community: It takes a Village

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Recorded Live in April 2015

Shelley Sage Heart  teamed up with Simon on the Sofa to co-produce
this 4 part Conversation Series on Google Hangouts.

Exploring 4 potent themes of our times, we dove deep and spoke transparently on: Women, Men, Relationships, The Earth, Sex, Children, Family, Money, Sovereignty, Community and what does it mean to Love Deeply  and courageously

in these times of rapid change.

Taking a Deep Dive, face to face with the confusion we are facing at this poignant juncture on the planet, Simon and Shelley invite you to join us for this 4 part SERIES of evolutionary conversations exploring what does it mean to EMERGE with new insight On Relationship on all levels, as we evolve through the space between stories?

How can we script a beautiful new story collectively in the midst of breakdown, social delusion and environmental collapse.

Watch this Series of conscious inquiry, diving for pearls of insight, where we may discover new pathways of truth together while here on planet Earth

“May the soil of our souls be sown with seeds that expand our capacity for compassion, Watered with the grief that strengthens our commitment,
and fired by the outrage that fortifies our will.

May our roots entwine underground like aspen trees or seven sisters oaks, whose underground networks of connection offer the resilience to weather hurricanes and storms.

May we leave with stories carried like seeds in our feathers, to sow them whenever, and with whomever, we next connect.

May we savor together some visceral taste of beloved community - so nourishing, so enlivening and desirable that our hearts and hands take it on, and the flaming light of our purposes will not be quenched.” - Nina Simons


Hosted by Simon Paul Sutton, Simon on the Sofa is a web show capturing Transparent Conversations with “Magical People” (Just like You) from all walks of life; supporting humanities awakening out of fear and into love through the embodiment of transparent communication. To support, inspire  and educate as we collectively evolve and co-create new realities amongst the chaos and wonder of this mystery we call life.


Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now.” ~ Goethe


In addition to being an Artist and Designer Shelley hosts online Visionary Interviews, on a show she calls HEART TO HEART with Shelley Sage Heart.  This Project is a series of Heart to Heart conversations between Shelley and Visionaries, Mystics, Artists, Healers and Everyday People who are inspired and living the Sacred Earth Vision!  The MISSION of “Heart to Heart Online, with Shelley Sage Heart” is to provide a video interview platform for individuals who have inspiring and insightful information and consciousness to come forth and be HEARD and SEEN that we may all benefit from their WISDOM. Her intention is to support Planetary Evolution by sharing through this online media platform! Generating a wake of Inspiration that hopefully will assist many of us  in transforming our lives into actively living in Sacred Earth Consciousness.

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