“Shelley’s designs bring me past my imagination, every time her work delightfully surprises me. Her designs go beyond the seed of thought, and the flower of creativity that blossoms is 10,000 fold what I first envision. Shelley your graphics reflect to me my full potential”
— Graell Corsini author of "The Guidebook to Sacred Living"

What is Design Alchemy?

"For me the design process is "alchemical"  from start to finish,  my designs build on these 4 principles"







Emerging from a strong desire to define my Design Work in a terms of Sacred Purpose, I came to discover again and again that there is a profound process at work each time I sit down at the computer to create a Design Project for my clients.
My Art work is intrinsically connected to the architecture of the souls mythic journey.

Which means I also recognize the Sacred Purpose of your Project, and consider the deeper intent of your work in my designs.

As I began to define the experience of Design for myself, the "awareness" that when I am designing, a kind of trans-formative process occurs by the very act of bringing together your unique energy signatures, my personal artistic intuitions, and the third element of soul or spirit guiding the FORM of the DESIGN from the vantage point of the mystery.

From this place of mystery, a design that encompasses Sacred Purpose is created.


I strive to harmonize the elements of
Beauty, Imagination, Innovation, Emotional Depth and a Great Love of Color, Form, Nature, Sacred Geometry, Mysticism and the Sacred in Art. Creating a look and feel that is unique!

By creating art that accesses both deep personal and collective symbolism, my designs speak harmonically to the heart.

My designs engage you and your clients at the level of the language of soul, intuition and energy.

As a Designer, I strive to harmonize the love of mythic design, functionality and informed artistry.

Anchoring a individualized harmonic balance, that I call Design Alchemy in Action!
For more examples of my Design work check out my:



My designs invoke the scent of color. The touch of the divine mother. The voice of sacred design and the wild passion of a dream alive with living grace. I create visual imagery and designs that can ground a projects vision in the world and to the world, giving visual form and significance to a new idea, a product or your personal emergence as an:

Artist, Visionary, Musician, Teacher, Healer or Visionary Entrepreneur

Ready to SEE, SMELL, TOUCH, TASTE  and HEAR your  SACRED VISION in a whole new way?

Let's get started!

“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way - things I had no words for”
— - Georgia O'keeffe


I love all the elements of Design and I am committed to creating cohesive beautiful imagery that represents YOU thru my unique Alchemical Design process. I also enjoy staying informed as to current design trends and have cultivated an integrated approach to give my designs a modern, yet original look and feel.

As designer I strive to be present, intuitive and interactive, working closely with you as a creative partner, actively engaging you in the design process. I have an ability to intuitively understand others and thru compassionate listening and creative processes, I get a good feel for your unique energy signature. As we work together my art work evolves into activated design imagery that represents your unique branding and vision, for your company or project.

 "Design Alchemy" is when all these elements come together to beautifully and accurately represent YOU to the world. Offering you unique Branding images that you will utilize in multiple ways to market your Sacred Purpose, as an Artist, Visionary, Musician, Teacher, Healer or Visionary Entrepreneur

WONDERING how a Sunlight Circle Design's graphic could support your Branding and Marketing goals?

Let's explore this together! 

“Shelley has been a gift. Her creativity, knowledge, willingness to explore possibilities, skill and love of beauty have made the collaborative process of creating a website a pleasure. I am deeply grateful for the support, kindness, and dedication with which she met me as a client. “
— Nancy Kilham, Dimensional Essences