CUSTOM ART Offerings

“A woman shaman, like a spider spinning, must learn to lead from the womb. To move our attention from the head to the belly, from the mind to the body, a woman must learn to read the signals and to trust them.

— Vicki Noble

Personalized Womb Power * Healing Portraits


with Shelley Sage Heart



Working directly with our Divine Feminine Wisdom, and our Collective Womb Field Guidance we will first meet and have a

Personalized Womb Session together in sacred space, where I offer you:

  • an Established Sacred Container for our Ritual
  • A guided WOMB meditation  
  • Womb Clearing Ceremony
  • Invoke and Pray to connect with the imagery to be used in your Womb Power Portrait
  • Your 1 hour Session can be in person or on SKYPE

*if we meet in person we can also do a photo shoot

I love working with international clients!

So lets do this no matter where you are in the world!

*You would just send me your own photos

Mini_womb Light.png

Then comes the creation and design phase of your personalized WOMB POWER PORTRAIT

Tapping into intuitive guidance and creative flow I will create for you

your very own beautiful WOMB HEALING POWER Portrait.


This Portrait will be a beautiful reflection and sacred empowerment tool for you, serving as a visual reminder of the sacredness of your womb center and your creative feminine life force.

Working intuitively with the archetypes, colors, elements, and sacred symbols that will best support, inspire and reflect to you the power of your womb, I will design you a lovely custom art piece just for you.

This Sacred Art Piece is to be used by you

as a ceremonial portal to the deepest levels of your WOMB Healing, Affirmation, Inspiration and Transformation!

Your WOMB Portrait will be made as a mixed media collage, incorporating the design elements and images invoked in our session.

$333 includes a digital and print version of your sacred womb portrait.